What service is provided by this site?

The “Need an Accountant” website is a free online service provided by CGA-Canada. This website was developed to assist the general public in finding Certified General Accountant Public Practice Firms (CGA accounting Firms) in Canada that meet their accounting needs.


What can I do on this site?

You can search for a Canadian CGA accounting Firm by specifying your accounting needs and/or using the map to search for Firms by location. Once you select a Firm, you can view the Firm’s profile page, which provides contact information, map location (including driving directions), and other information the Firm has provided. You can share your search results with others using the “E-mail This Page” feature, and print the Firm’s profile and driving directions for your convenience.


How do I use this site to search for accounting Firms?

You may search for Canadian CGA accounting Firms using any or all of the following methods:

  1. Use the Map Quick Links

    To quickly find all CGA accounting Firms in a specific area of Canada, click on the “Change Map” drop down arrow in the “Find an Accountant” section located on the left hand side of your screen.

    Select a map from the list. If your area does not appear on the list, you can either select the closest area or select the “Canada” option, and then navigate to your region by dragging and moving the map towards the direction your region is located in. The resulting map will display all CGA Firms that have registered for “Need an Accountant” in the area you selected.

    Each time you change your location using the Map Quick Links, any search criteria that you previously entered (e.g., Accountant/Firm Name, Services Offered, etc) will be cleared, and must be re-entered if you wish to refine your search.
  2. Use the Search Criteria

    The “Find an Accountant” search criteria helps you find CGA accounting Firms that meet your particular accounting needs.
    1. Accountant/Firm Name — You do not need to enter the full name of the accountant or the accounting Firm; enter any keyword you might remember. Our search engine will find the CGA accounting Firms where the Firm name or the accountant’s name matches any of the keywords you have entered.
    2. Services Offered — If you are looking for a Firm that offers a particular service, you can locate one by selecting the service(s) from the Services Offered section.
    3. Industry Sectors — If you would like to find those CGA accounting Firms that offer services in certain industry sector(s), select the options available from the Industry Sectors section.
    4. If you have used the Services Offered or Industry Sector tools, the search engine will return Firms that match at least one of your selections. If you have also entered the Accountant/Firm Name, the search engine will find the CGA accounting Firms where the Firm name or accountant’s name matches any keywords you have entered AND that have Services Offered or Industry Sectors matching at least one of your selection.

      We recommend that you do not search by setting criteria for both Accountant/Firm Name and Services Offered or Industry Sector as the search engine will find CGA accounting Firms that display the key search term found in their Accountant/Firm Name that have also indicated a specific Services Offered or Industry Sector. In other words, you may not have the best search results returned to you.
  3. Search button
    Once you hit the “Search” button after entering the criteria, the display of the dots on the Map Search will be refined according to the criteria entered. You may change the criteria at any time and re-initiate a Search.

    Reset button
    You may use the “Reset” button to clear the values entered in the Search Criteria, reset the map display, and reload the initial search results list.

  4. Find CGA Firms using the interactive Map Search

    The Map Search is an interactive map that helps you find CGA accounting Firms anywhere in Canada. Our search engine will graphically present the locations of all Canadian CGA accounting Firms that have registered for this service.

    Using the map features, you can zoom in and out, or move the map around (see details below) to find CGA accounting Firms in your preferred location. Each time you navigate to a new location, the dots representing the Firms in the location that match the search criteria you have entered, if any, will be re-plotted by the system, and the search result listing under the map will be updated to represent all the CGA Firms currently in the map display view.

    Zoom in or zoom out the map

    You may zoom in to find more details or zoom out to have an overview of the entire area by:
    1. Clicking on the “–“ or “+” icons to zoom out and zoom in on the map.
    2. Double-clicking on a selected area to zoom in.
    3. Scrolling the mouse wheel front or back to zoom in or zoom out of the map.
    Move the map in any direction

    You may move the map in any direction to your selected location by:

    1. Clicking on the “4-arrows” direction icon located at the top left corner of the map.
    2. Clicking on the map area; the cursor will change to a “hand” sign, which allows you to drag the map in the direction you would like to view.


What do the number dots on the map represent?

The number dots on the map indicate the number of Canadian CGA accounting Firms that have registered for this service and are located in the vicinity of that dot. If you click on a dot, a pop up window will display and all the Firms represented by that location dot will be listed.


What does the list of Firms in the Search Results under the map represent?

The Firm list in the Search Results shows all the Firms represented by the dots in the map display area.


How do I access the Firm’s detailed information after the search?

Each of the Firms has its own unique Firm profile that can be accessed by clicking on the Firm Name in the pop up list on the map, or in the Search Results list. Once selected, the Firm’s profile page will be displayed to provide more detailed contact and profile information about the selected CGA accounting Firm.


What does the number at the top right corner of the Map Search mean?

The number displayed at the top right corner of the Map Search indicates the total number of Firms that are currently represented by dots in the map display area. This number will be updated whenever dots are redisplayed (due to a search by search criteria, or if you have altered the map display area in any way).


Can I email a Firm’s information to my client, my business partner, or my friend?

Yes, you are welcome to email the Firm’s profile or driving direction information of the selected CGA accounting Firm to your clients, business partners, or your friends. Whenever you see the “E-mail This Page” icon, feel free to email the page to any recipient.


Will the email address information that I have entered on “E-mail This Page” be used for any other purpose?

No, the email address you have entered will not be collected, saved, or used for any other purpose. CGA-Canada will not save or collect any email address entered on this site.


Can I print out a Firm’s information?

Yes, you are welcome to print out a Firm’s information or the driving directions to a selected Firm by using the “Print” icon.


Are all CGA accounting Firms listed on this site?

Not all CGA accounting Firms are listed on this site. Only Canadian CGA accounting Firms that have registered for this service are listed.


Why can’t I find the CGA Firm’s information that I’m looking for?

If the CGA accounting Firm that you are searching for is not found on this site, it may not have registered for this service, or it may have registered for this service less than 24 hours ago. If the latter is the reason, you will be able to find this Firm’s information the next day.


Who should I contact if I encounter a problem on this site, or have further questions?

If you have any problems with this website, or have further questions, please contact us at NeedanAccountant-Contact@cga-canada.org.